WordPress is a popular content management system that many businesses use to power their website. Most people now want to build and manage their websites visually. So if you are using wordpress you NEED to know about visual site builders. If you are looking for a theme that will help you create a professional and organized website, here are 5 of the best themes for your business.


Divi is both a theme and plugin with a visual builder on the front end. It’s perfect for creating stunning, responsive websites that look great on any device. Plus, Divi’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create professional designs in minutes. 

Divi Pricing

Divi has two options for pricing, $89/ year or $249 Lifetime. 

Divi Pros

  • Divi is available as a theme or a plugin
  • Divi has a life time option that is very reasonable 
  • Divi can be used on unlimited sites
  • Divvi has a powerful marketplace for add ons and plugins 
  • The Divi visual builder is very intuitive 
  • The wireframe builder is awesome
  • The Add ons like monarch, bloom and extra are very valuable 
  • No refreshing – instant visual feedback

Divi Cons

  • In complex sites the lag on the visual builder can become unbearable 
  • Inline editing is some times a better option

Divi Conclusion

 Divi is perfect for creating a website that is modern, sleek, and professional.

You can start creating your website right away without having to learn complicated features. Divi offers simple but powerful page templates that make it easy to get started. You can also create custom designs with Divi’s built-in drag and drop editor. Divi is perfect for creating a website that is modern, sleek, and professional.

My Rating: 4/5

Download Divi Here

Avada Theme

Avada is the most popular WordPress theme on ThemeForest, and it can be used to create any kind of website you wish.

Many websites using the Avada theme are for business purposes, with many additional features available to create a complete website. Alternatively, you can use it to create a simple blog.

The Avada builder is a website builder that will help you to create a site without any coding. It also offers you many ready-made designs, so you can easily import one and make your site ready to go.

Avada Pricing

Avada is $60 on code canyon

Avada Pros

  • Stunning and ready out of the box templates
  • Custom header and footer layouts
  • Layout builder
  • Custom menu element
  • Amazing single post layout editing
  • Highly Responsive 
  • 70+ design elements
  • Intuitive Woo commerce integration
  • Awesome SEO features
  • The performance wizard

Avada Cons

  • Sometimes overly complex
  • In complex builds it can be insanely slow

Avada Conclusion

Avada is a theme that offers many options and flexibility, making it perfect for those who are creative and like to play with different options and explore new looks. It also has flawless performance, so you can focus on your content.

If you are a technical expert, you will be able to use all the possibilities and flexibility custom CSS and code editing provides.

This theme is perfect for people who don’t have any technical skills. You can control almost everything with the available theme options and design elements without actually having to access the code files.

My Rating: 2.5/5


Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that makes creating beautiful pages easy. You can use Elementor to create simple or complex pages, with a visual editor that makes creating dynamic websites easy. Whether you’re new to WordPress or an experienced web developer, Elementor provides an easy way to create stunning sites without any fuss.

Elementor Pricing

Elementor start at $49.99 for one website and goes up to$999 for 1,000 websites. They also have a cloud hosted solution that incudes elementor, hosting and other cms tools for $99 a year. 

Elementor Pros

  • You don’t need a theme to run Elementor they do provide a bare bones one if required
  • You can use it with any theme
  • Elementor is very easy to learn
  • It packs a lot of functionality 
  • Room for integration

Elementor Cons

  • Like most page builders complex sites become very slow
  • Not the greatest customer support

Elmentor Conclusion

Elementor is a good builder for beginners or pros. It has a low learning curve and isn’t the slowest of all the builders. Its elegant layout makes it easy to navigate and it is very universal.

My Rating 4/5

Download Elementor Here

Themeco Cornerstone

ThemeCo has been selling the X theme like hotcakes, and it has pushed the company to become a Power Elite Author on ThemeForest. The theme has sold more than 212,000 copies thus far.

Six months after its launch, the product had already generated more than a million dollars in sales.

Themeco Cornerstone Pricing

Themeco starts at $59

Themeco Cornerstone Pros

  • It is very developer friendly 
  • The layout of the editor makes more sense for me
  • I love the stacks (or sub themes)
  • Global blocks are great
  • It’s responsive
  • It’s SEO friendly out of the box
  • You need less plugins

Themeco Cornerstone Cons

  • The template manager is confusing 
  • The content cloud leaves a lot to be desired

Themeco Cornerstone Conclusion

Cornerstone is the easiest, most user-friendly wordpress site builder on the market. With Cornerstone you can quickly and easily create a professional website with stunning design and functionality. The interface makes creating a website easy and our wide range of templates make it easy to get started. Plus, FREE updates include new elements, templates, 3rd party tools, and more so your site will always be up to date.

My Rating: 4/5

POSIMYTH Gutenberg Blocks

WordPress is urging its users to use the Gutenberg blocks more and more, as new technology allows for better user interface design.

Gutenburg Pricing

Free – $50

Gutenberg Block Pros

  • An endless amount of blocks and templates that are free
  • The TINYMCE editor is still available
  • Old posts are auto refactored
  • Developers can build their own blocks easily
  • They’re just easier 
  • Block plugins give you literally any feature you could ever want
  • so many free blocks
  • easily ten times faster load times 
  • faster development time 
  • Every feature from any builder is available
  • The keyboard short cuts are incredible time savers

Gutenberg Blocks Cons

If you are used to the old wordpress there is a learning curve

Gutenber Blocks Conclusion

If you are looking for something easier and a lot faster blocks is the way to go. If you start looking into block plugins you can set up your blocks to offer a lot more than any builder and they are so much faster. 

My Rating: 4.5/5